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At JD Wealth Management we believe that an investor must develop a plan with their own unique circumstances in mind, invest practically with an eye on risk as well as opportunity, monitor the plan for results and to adapt to the changes in the market, the economy and the personal needs of the investor over time.


How to construct a well-diversified portfolio.

Pre-retirement planning and post retirement planning.

Income planning.

Wealth Preservation Strategies.

Succession Planning.

Decisions about social security, pensions, rollovers and IRA Conversions.

How to manage risk, market volatility, inflation, withdrawal rate, taxes and family planning.


Access to well-known mutual funds, ETFs, Closed-End Funds, Individual Securities, Third party money managers, Annuities, Insurance, Alternative Investments, and cash management.

Select a mix of investments that work towards your needs and goals - Asset Allocation.

Tax-advantaged Investing.

IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Retirement Plans for self employed.

Transparency of fees.

Access to research and ratings.



Portfolio and Plan reviews quarterly, semiannually or as needed to respond to changes.

We make use of recommended benchmarks, appropriate for your plan,  in order to monitor investment results along the way.

Rebalance to the appropriate mix of investments identified in your plan.

Address changes in investments, ratings, fees and diversification.

Identify market and economic backdrop. Address as needed within your portfolio.

Gather feedback from you about how the plan is working.


While JD Wealth Management does not subscribe to timing the market, the market and economy does move through cycles and it is important to address that within your investment portfolio.

Individuals and family needs will change over time. Adjustments to the plan will be needed.

As new product, technology or planning innovations become available, explore possibilities for your plan.